Medieval Revivals

Welcome to the post-medieval! A short list of ways to bring the medieval back to life.

Jewelry and Glass

Clothing and Accessories

Early Cuisine

  • The Draughts are Deep: On a quest for the mead of wisdom (Peter Olsen aka Magnus hvalmagi)
  • Eldrimer: A blog about medieval and viking age food (Daniel Serra)

Early Music

  • Anonymous 4: The highly-acclaimed but recently disbanded all-female small vocal ensemble
  • Blue Heron: A Boston-based vocal ensemble specialized in Renaissance music
  • New York Polyphony: A chamber vocal ensemble exploring the boundaries of medieval and modern music
  • Sequentia: An innovative ensemble specialized in Western European music from before 1300
  • Stile Antico: Vocal ensemble performing music from the Renaissance
  • The Tallis Scholars: Vocal ensemble performing the works of European Renaissance sacred and secular composers
  • Voces Cantabiles: Chamber choir dedicated to the English choral tradition as part of the non-profit Voces Cantabiles Music
  • Voces Thules: Medieval and Renaissance group from Iceland