Adventures Online

A first-draft smattering of things to read and people to follow online. Note that in some cases names may indicate editors rather than authors. 

Collections Online

  • Museum of Cultural History (Norway) Collections Portal
    Access online collections records and images from the Museum of Cultural History, part of the University of Olso (also known as Kulturhistorisk museum, or KHM).
  • Museum of Cultural History (Norway) Archaeological Database
    An advanced search for archaeological finds from KHM and other collections, including the Stavanger Archaeological Museum (AM S), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (NTNU T), the Tromsø University Museum (TMU Ts), and the University Museum of Bergen (UM B). For example searches, try “C22536” or “vikingtid perler.”
  • Museum of Cultural History (Norway) Finds Map
    An alternative means to explore Norwegian archaeological finds, using a map.
  • National Museum (Denmark) Collections
    Selected objects from the collections of Denmark’s National Museum (also Nationalmuseet i København or NMK). Some additional artifacts from county museums are also featured. Try searching for “Lerchenborg,” “perler,” or “C5709.”
  • Cultural Museum (Denmark) Collections
    A database gathering entries from cultural museums across Denmark. Try searching under artifact (genstand) for “AM7009.”
  • Finds and Monuments (Denmark) Text Search
    Provides excavations, finds, and publication information for archaeological investigations in Denmark. Note that this database does not include images. Try searching for place name (stednavn) “Lousgård.”
  • Finds and Monuments (Denmark) Map Search
    Explore the same database as above, including excavations, finds, and publications, by searching a map.
  • Swedish History Museum (Sweden) Collections Search
    An advanced search for artifacts curated by the Swedish History Museum (also known as Statens historiska museum, or SHM). Many include photos. Search for example under inventory number (inventarienummer) for “21394:5” or under place (lokal) for “Kopparsvik.”
  • Swedish History Museum (Sweden) Catalog View
    Thorough documentation and photography of many objects in the SHM collections once you know the inventory number. For example, search for “20826.” Select the “Presentationsbild” tab and use the arrows or the current page box (aktuell sida) to navigate to page 23. Or select the “Dokumentationsbild” tab and navigate to page 172.
  • RAÄ (Sweden) Antiquities Search
    Find excavation information collected by the Swedish National Heritage Board, including scanned excavation reports. For example, search under RAÄ:nummer for “Västerås 575:1.”

Short Reads

Medieval Blogs and Things

  • Dr Caitlin R. Green
    The history, archaeology, place-names and literature of late Roman and early medieval Britain, by Caitlin Green
  • A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe
    Early medievalist’s thoughts and ponderings, by Jonathan Jarrett
  • De Re Militarii
    The Society for Medieval Military History
  • The Draughts are Deep
    On a quest for the mead of wisdom, by Peter Olsen (Magnus hvalmagi)
  • Historian on the Edge
    Where medieval history and radical politics bumble into each other and have an existential crisis, by “
    Professor Grumpy”
  • Hrafn Photography
    Viking and West Slavic archaeology, reenactment, and other great things, by Klaudia Karpińska
  • In the Middle
    A group blog exploring new approaches to the middle ages, by Jeffrey Cohen, Jonathan Hsy, Karl Steel, Leila K. Norako, and Mary Kate Hurley
  • Medievalgirl
    A medieval girl living in a modern world, by Sandra Alvarez
    Where the Middle Ages begins …
  • Merovingian World
    The early middle ages and other things, by James Palmer
  • Surrey Medieval
    The medieval period and beyond, in Surrey and beyond, by Robert Briggs
  • Viking Age Podcast
    A podcast documenting the stories of the men and women history knows, for better or worse, as the Vikings
  • Viking Archaeology Blog
    News reports collected primarily for the University of Oxford Online Course in Viking Archaeology

Blogging Medieval Islam

  • Afternoon Map
    “The number one Ottoman/Turkish/Middle Eastern/Balkan cartography blog on the internet,” by Nick Danforth
  • Hazine
    A guide to researching the Middle East and beyond, by Christopher Markiewicz and Nir Shafir
  • Lost Islamic History
    Reclaiming Muslim civilization from the past, by Firas Alkhateeb
  • al-Raqmiyyāt: Digital Islamic History
    Reading Traditional Sources with Nontraditional Methods, by Maxim Romanov

Blogs for Archaeologists

  • Bones Don’t Lie
    Current mortuary and bioarchaeology news—regions, theories, interpretations, perspectives, and methods, by Kathryn Meyers Emery
  • Powered by Osteons
    Archaeology, bioanthropology, and the classical world, by Kristina Killgrove

General History Blogs

  • Curatory Story
    An interesting take on museums and public history, by Dani Trynoski
  • Perspectives on History
    The principal source for news and information about the historical discipline, by the American Historical Association
  • We’re History
    Serious History for Regular People …how America became what it is today, by 
    Heather Cox Richardson and Joshua D. Rothman

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