Adventures Online

A first-draft smattering of things to read and people to follow online. Note that in some cases names may indicate editors rather than authors.

Short Reads

Medieval Blogs and Things

  • Dr Caitlin R. Green
    The history, archaeology, place-names and literature of late Roman and early medieval Britain, by Caitlin Green
  • A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe
    Early medievalist’s thoughts and ponderings, by Jonathan Jarrett
  • De Re Militarii
    The Society for Medieval Military History
  • The Draughts are Deep
    On a quest for the mead of wisdom, by Peter Olsen (Magnus hvalmagi)
  • Historian on the Edge
    Where medieval history and radical politics bumble into each other and have an existential crisis, by “
    Professor Grumpy”
  • Hrafn Photography
    Viking and West Slavic archaeology, reenactment, and other great things, by Klaudia Karpińska
  • In the Middle
    A group blog exploring new approaches to the middle ages, by Jeffrey Cohen, Jonathan Hsy, Karl Steel, Leila K. Norako, and Mary Kate Hurley
  • Medievalgirl
    A medieval girl living in a modern world, by Sandra Alvarez
    Where the Middle Ages begins …
  • Merovingian World
    The early middle ages and other things, by James Palmer
  • Surrey Medieval
    The medieval period and beyond, in Surrey and beyond, by Robert Briggs
  • Viking Age Podcast
    A podcast documenting the stories of the men and women history knows, for better or worse, as the Vikings
  • Viking Archaeology Blog
    News reports collected primarily for the University of Oxford Online Course in Viking Archaeology

Blogging Medieval Islam

  • Afternoon Map
    “The number one Ottoman/Turkish/Middle Eastern/Balkan cartography blog on the internet,” by Nick Danforth
  • Hazine
    A guide to researching the Middle East and beyond, by Christopher Markiewicz and Nir Shafir
  • Lost Islamic History
    Reclaiming Muslim civilization from the past, by Firas Alkhateeb
  • al-Raqmiyyāt: Digital Islamic History
    Reading Traditional Sources with Nontraditional Methods, by Maxim Romanov

Blogs for Archaeologists

  • Bones Don’t Lie
    Current mortuary and bioarchaeology news—regions, theories, interpretations, perspectives, and methods, by Kathryn Meyers Emery
  • Powered by Osteons
    Archaeology, bioanthropology, and the classical world, by Kristina Killgrove

General History Blogs

  • Curatory Story
    An interesting take on museums and public history, by Dani Trynoski
  • Perspectives on History
    The principal source for news and information about the historical discipline, by the American Historical Association
  • We’re History
    Serious History for Regular People …how America became what it is today, by 
    Heather Cox Richardson and Joshua D. Rothman

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