About Me

My name is Matthew Delvaux, and in 2019 I completed a PhD dissertation on the history and archaeology of slavery during the Viking Age. In my research, I follow the flow of early medieval slavery from viking raids in the west, through the booming ports of the Scandinavian north, and out into the Islamic world. My dissertation is titled “Transregional Slave Networks of the Northern Arc, 700–900 C.E..” My research has been funded in part by the American-Scandinavian Foundation and the Medieval Academy of America. Read more about me on Academia.edu or connect via LinkedIn.

Text and Trowel

The “text and trowel” moniker mimics the phrase “the pen and the sword”—the tools presumed necessary for making a mark on history. Much of history, however, was made by persons who wielded neither tool. Reading texts against the grain and seeing artifacts as traces of the past can make their lives once again visible to us today. This website documents my efforts to do just that, and I hope it will prove a resource and an inspiration for others in similar pursuits.

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